Sound & Light Hire Surrey Highlight All of the Key Sound & Lighting Packages They Offer

Sound & Light Hire Surrey

Sound & Light Hire Surrey is a disco lighting & party sound system hire company based in Guildford, Surrey

Here at Sound & Light Hire Surrey, we have over two decades of experience when it comes to providing first-class sound and lighting hire across Surrey and Berkshire. Whether you need party equipment hire in Surrey or a stage hire in Berkshire, we’ve got an extensive inventory of top-quality equipment paired with a professional and friendly team.

If case you’ve yet to work with us, we thought we would use this space to introduce ourselves a little bit, run through the various services we offer, and give you examples of the types of events we regularly supply our equipment to.

Before we do that, though, let’s give you a little bit of our background.

Who Are We?

We started in 1998 by renting out PA systems and small disco lighting packages for kid’s parties in Surrey. Over two decades later, we now hire out all manner of sound, lighting, stage, and special effects equipment in Surrey, Berkshire, and London. We supply these pieces of equipment to all types of events, from house parties to outdoor music festivals.

But our gamut of services goes far beyond merely hiring out equipment. We also have some of the most experienced technicians and engineers in the business, capable of running anything from a wedding reception to a music concert.

While we might not be the absolute cheapest within the hire market, we will not be beaten on value for money. There is no other operator in the UK that provide our standard of equipment or levels of support services for the price, and that’s a commitment that we steadfastly stand by.

Our reputation within the industry is something we’ve worked incredibly hard to achieve. Just a cursory glance at our online reviews will give you a little insight into the hundreds of individuals and events we’ve helped over the years. The best part? We still love doing what we do now, just as much as we did during the last millennium!

But enough about us, let’s talk about how we can help you!

Live Sound and PA Hire Surrey

We can provide all manner of sound equipment hire for your events. And when we say all manner, we mean it! Whether you need DJ equipment so that you can attempt your best Tiësto impression, or you need to hire in live sound equipment for a local band you booked for a birthday party, there’s nothing we can’t provide to ensure the sound is spot on.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what you need for your event. Our dedicated sound team are always on hand to talk you through our range of ‘off the shelf’ packages, and if nothing quite fits the bill, no worries, we’ll make a package up just for you! We understand that you might not know what a mixing desk does, or why you need stage monitors for your band, so we talk you through everything in a helpful and friendly manner. There’s no condescending or patronising, we promise!

Speaking of the equipment, we know that in many ways, our hire service is only as good as the equipment we provide. For that reason, we invest in only the best brands, such as d&b audiotechnik and Shure. What’s more, once it’s in stock, we really look after every single item, from the power cables to the most expensive speakers and subwoofers.

We regularly service all of our equipment, check each item when returned and before going out on hire again, and replace anything older than three years old. No other provider shares this level of commitment to their products, and the reason we’ve never had a piece of equipment let us on down on-site in 20-plus years of operations.

Of course, even if we supply you with the best sound equipment, you might need a helping hand to get the most out of it. Fortunately, we’ve got some of the best sound engineers in the business on our roster. Between them, they’ve amassed over a century of industry experience, so it’s fair to say they know that they’re doing! You can hire them to run all aspects of your sound equipment for your event, from setting up to on-site mixing and production, they can handle anything you throw at them.

Lighting Hire Surrey

We understand that for many events, your lighting arrangements are just as crucial as your sound setup. When we started as a Surrey speaker hire service back in the nineties, it got to the point that we were asked about lighting hire at nearly every event. It didn’t take long for the penny to drop, and we’ve slowly but surely amassed one of the best lighting inventories in the whole of the UK, never mind Surrey!

We have an extensive range, including LED moving head washes, wireless uplighters, full live band lighting packages, lasers, and strobe lights to name but a few options we have available for you. From Chauvet to Showtec, we share the same passion for the lighting equipment brands as we do for the sound.

We’ve invested heavily in LED technology in particular as we firmly believe it’s the future of the industry. Not only does this technology circumnavigate the issues that plague older light technologies (such as excessive heat), but we also find that lights with LED have a better track record when it comes to longevity.

As it the case with our sound hire services, we can provide you with demos of all of our lighting equipment to ensure you’re completely wowed before committing to any particular device, our suite of lighting fixtures.

Special FX Hire Surrey and Berkshire

Sounds and lighting are great, but adding special effects can add the icing on the cake when it comes to your event. Do you want to hire a smoke machine to make the lasers accompanying your DJ set really ‘pop,’ captivating your adoring fans? That’s not a problem. Or what about confetti cannons to celebrate the first dance as husband and wife at your wedding reception? Yep, we can sort that for you too!

We know that while special effects such as bubble machines, smoke machines, UV lights, and snow machines may be small, but they can make a significant impact for a minimal added cost. In fact, all of those items are less than £50 to hire from us. Not too shabby, we’ll think you’ll agree!

Then if you want to go the extra mile, you could spend a little more and get your hands on something exceptional such as a flame machine, which would make a perfect accompaniment to any red carpet event.

LED Furniture and Dance Floor Hire Surrey, London, and Guildford

If you want to pull out all of the stops for your birthday, garden party, or mini-festival, then why not invest in some LED furniture. Take our incredibly versatile LED poseur tables, for example. They come in an enormous range of colours, and very stylish spots for your guests to gather and hold a conversation with drinks resting on top. Or what about LED sofas, benches, and bubble chairs for your themed evening?

But to be honest, the real show-stoppers are our LED starlit dancefloors. Increasingly popular at weddings and birthday celebrations, our range of LED dance floors come in an array of sizes ranging from 10ft x 10ft all the way up to 22ft x 22ft.

Yet again, we differentiate ourselves in the arena of starlit LED dancefloors too. Many other sound and lighting hire companies will say that they offer dance floor hire as an extra service. But in reality, what they mean is they’ll ‘sub’ a dance floor in from another company, causing you to fork out for two sets of profit margins. Unlike these hire companies, we have our own stock of white and black LED starlit dance floors, enabling us to provide a much more cost-effective dance floor hire service directly to you, the end customer.

Our dance floors are cleaned before delivery to your event, once more when installing at your event, and then a final time upon arrival back at our warehouse in Surrey. Why do we do this? To maintain our industry-leading standards of customer service, of course!

Stage Hire Surrey, London, Berkshire

Thought we had exhausted our list of services? Guess again! We provide stage hire services too, and they’re pretty impressive stages if we do say so ourselves! Whether you’re hosting a small music festival, or you’re throwing an outdoor birthday party to remember, we can provide a range of outdoor stage hire options for the occasion.

Our outdoor stage hire packages are perfect for all manner of events, such as outdoor music festivals, small community concerts, or charity fundraisers. Any outdoor event that requires a central focal point is going to need a stage. But choosing the right staging company isn’t a choice you should take lightly. Choose wisely, and your event will be remembered for all the right reasons, get it wrong, and it could leave a bad taste after all of that anticipation.

Thankfully, we’ve never let any of our clients down, and no matter whether it’s a Christmas light switch on event, or summer jazz festival, we’ve always been on hand to deliver the goods. In terms of our available stages, we’ve got two packages revolving around our 6m x 4m outdoor covered stage. They include all of the lighting and sound equipment required of a smaller outdoor event of fewer than 1,000 attendees.

By contrast, if you want to go all guns blazing, we also have an 11m x 9m outdoor festival stage you can hire. This package is entirely turn-key. We supply everything including the stage, stage crew, dozens of lighting fixtures, all the sound equipment you could ever need, and a full technical team on-site to run everything for you.

Why Choose Sound & Light Hire Surrey?

We have worked hard over the last several years to establish our reputation as Surrey and London’s number one sound and lighting hire company. We operate under a mantra of our reputation being more important than anything else. It’s a philosophy that continues to drive our success. We look forward to using that success to continue adding to our client base and becoming a part of some of the most exciting events around the country.

We are in operation seven days a week, which allows us to give our customers unrivalled support, and our easy-to-understand hire packages will enable you to understand precisely what you’re getting for your money.

Fancy bundling a few of our hire services together? No problem. Just take a look at our party packages page for a range of fantastic deals on equipment bundles. Still need something a bit more unique? Just give us a call on the number above to discuss your requirements, and we’ll have a quote back to you within 24 hours.

There isn’t anything we can’t provide in terms of technical equipment hire for your wedding, party, celebration, or festival. Give us a call on 07514 077087 or shoot us an email to get the ball rolling!

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