Perfect Party Lighting Hire For Your Outdoor Summer Party


Perfect Party Lighting Hire For Your Outdoor Summer Party With Sound & Light Hire Surrey

If you are planning at throwing an outdoor party this summer, then this blog post will guide you through. While most of us tend to make outdoor lighting as an afterthought, it is in fact, an essential component of any type of event venue- whether and indoor or outdoor setting. Needless to say, no one wants to attend an event in the dark plus people are used to taking photographs during the occasion. The perfect lighting can help you create the best atmosphere and keep your visitor safe and ensure that your summer party will be a day to remember!

It’s all about the purpose and understanding your choices when it comes to outdoor lighting. There are literally hundreds of different styles of lighting to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to properly lighting your event. Here, we will share some of the factors that you need to consider and help you decide which type of outdoor lighting you need, to suit your event and location.


It would be a tragedy if the lighting did not fit the theme of the party! Imagine a victorian-inspired wedding with club disco lighting or a glamorous outdoor night concert with soft lighting. Before you can choose the right kind of lighting for the occasion, you must first determine the event’s theme – whether it’s quiet and intimate or bold and colorful. The lighting should help create a mood for your event and should be compatible with the theme of your party.

For example, if you need to light up a wide room, floodlights are the way to go. These lights emit a clear, clean light that will illuminate the entire space. For a summer party in this case, a combination of some strobe lights and laser lights would definitely hype up your party. You may also install some uplighters to focus some areas in your venue, perhaps to your summer backdrop or your hallway. Having the right lighting installed in your summer party will definitely set the right tone.


Envision the result you want to create with the lighting system that you have. You want your summer party to stand out from the rest and leave your guests a night to remember. There are so many different ways to integrate lighting into your event that you can continue to look beyond the box.

Take recommendations from your lighting hire company, as they will be able to recommend excellent choices that will meet your needs. They can tell you what inventory you have, what they’ve done in the past that could fit your event, or how they can go about doing something entirely new to give you the result you’re looking for.

Sound & Light Hire Surrey is a leading light hire company in the events industry. We have provided different versions of lighting setup to hundreds of events across Surrey, Berkshire and London. And our full range of lights and other event equipment hire are from premium brands that have produced these successful events over the last 20 years. A quick overview of the light service we offer when you work with us include:

  • We arrange the appropriate lighting fixture according to your venue layout. Our light technicians will work on where the lighting should be focused to highlight some important areas of your venue. We can also provide remote-controlled lighting setup for our clients so they can personally control the dimming, controlling and focusing of the lights.

To view a complete list of the lighting packages and services we offer, visit our site.


Beyond the lighting setup mentioned above, Sound & Light Hire Surrey also offers pieces of LED furniture that will perfectly complement to your overall summer party theme. These can light up in many different colours and can be set to flash, hold or slow rotate through a vivid colour scheme. All our LED furniture are wireless, powered by rechargeable batteries and operated remotely. Having these included in your setup, your event organizer team can position the furniture creatively in a layout using different colour schemes that will add a unique touch of aesthetics to the venue.

Our LED furniture set comes in different packages that will definitely suit according to your needs. We have in-stock round and square poseur tables, all types of chairs from bubble chairs, curved benches, and sofas. Part of our LED inventory comes in a separate package also includes a Round LED mobile hire that could last for up to 8 hours. Given the precautionary measures we take especially during this time of the pandemic, we guarantee all properties owned by Sound & Light Hire are properly sanitized and checked to ensure quality control of each of these items. For more detailed information and to get a quote of each of these packages, check out now.

With the right lighting setup, your summer party can turn from ordinary to the best day of the season. Take note of the major points we have mentioned above and we assure you, you are at the right track. Furthermore, you may also want to avail of our house party lighting package for those planning to have their summer party at the comforts of their home. The package includes a revolution lighting effects, green lasers, smoke machine and t-bar lighting stands. More packages are available in our website.

Keep in mind, with a reliable light hire company, you are rest assured of a presentable, professional-level setup. You’ll be able to devote more time to entertaining your guests and enjoying the night with them instead. Your light engineers will be able to take care of any possible technical issues that may arise during the occasion too.

Sound & Light Hire Surrey caters to any of your lighting needs to any type of event, not just an outdoor summer party. Contact us today so we can book a schedule for you on your summer party!

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