Why You Shouldn’t Let COVID Cancel Your Birthday Plans


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Don’t you miss that bizarre feeling of going out and hopping from one place to another without having to worry about safety precautions and quarantine rules? We should be having celebrations by now outside of homes and enjoying the flashing disco lights and the dance floor with absolute freedom like the usual if not because of the restrictions brought about the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It is rather sad and disappointing for birthday plans to get cancelled because of such global crisis. Coronavirus caught us off guard and did not just cancel birthday celebrations and wedding invitations but cancelled our excitements as well. But along the way, we have gradually learned to cope with the new norm and have found ways to continue the celebrations and festivities. Rather than staying at home and doing nothing on special days, why not let our creativity take over? Plan your indoor birthday events and let Sound & Light Hire Surrey liven up your party!

If you happen to be spending your birthday party celebration, your event planner should start listing down the details from your birthday theme down to your sound and light production company. Hiring a one-stop production team should be taken into consideration especially now that we have certain limitations. This can save you time, money and effort.

Sound & Light Hire Surrey offers different solutions to blend in with your birthday theme taste and liking. Whether you want your celebration to be low-key or something that is grand and enchanted, leave it all to us. We have arranged different flexible packages according to your desire.

For intimate birthday celebrations, a brilliant versatile package for small house parties or gatherings fits just right. This sound package comes with a Bluetooth speaker and house party lighting. For 18th or 21st birthday party packages, we offer light and sound equipment as well, that is versatile to the celebrant’s theme. Suited for this type of event are all-in-one sound, lighting and DJ equipment hire package. We may also include our LED uplighting hire package which is great for adding life all types of parties and events. Keep in mind, we have assembled our equipment for clients with no technical knowledge to navigate and control the system. They’re plug-and-play feature takes off your worries in making sure the party will run smoothly as you expected.

Sound & Lighting Equipment Hire From Surrey’s Leading Party Hire Company

Talking about range, our team also offers packages for children’s birthday parties. We have customised our equipment t give off a warm and cheerful vibe through our lighting setup and our sound system are carefully adjusted that will be suitable for kids.

On the other hand, if you are planning to have a birthday celebration with a twist gathering your intimate friends and relatives and would wish to host a movie night/cinema night instead, we still got you covered. Let your guests experience an immersive movie night with our professional set up that comes with active speakers, throw projector screen.

We all know life before COVID existed, was not only convenient and relaxing but it had a wild and fun side as well. Many of us would sacrifice staying at home to experience those nostalgic pre-covid parties and night-life that we used to have. To solve nostalgia getting ahead of us, why not take the party at home and relive the feeling?

For huge electronic house parties, an All-in-one Party Equipment is the perfect recipe just for you! This party equipment sound and light hire package is super easy to use. It has a plug and play iPod speaker and disco lighting package. Now, with these specifics, you won’t feel the need to actually go out just to experience once again that longing champagne flavor-like nostalgia and bring your celebration at home.

We regularly do quality control and assessment with our equipment and make sure that each one it in our inventory is at their best performance. Meeting the expectations of our clients are our top-most priorities as well. And you don’t have to go worrying about not being able to set up each of the components together in time and all alone. Our package may include our sound and light engineers who would do the work for you, fast and easy.

Speakers, Staging, Disco Lighting & More

Trust us when we say that our lighting and sound hire package are a peas in a pod! Through the years, we have developed a unique way of getting that perfect blend to match any client’s requirement of their event. While your chosen playlist is blaring through our high-quality sound system, you can be sure you get that adrenaline rush if you partner it with our top-end lighting setup that can complete your overall theme, leaving a memorable birthday celebration that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Birthdays aren’t all year round. It happens once every year. You make the most out of that one special day we always look forward to every year. We make plans ahead of time; plans on going out, partying, spending time by the beach, going for a dip, catching up with friends, eating out and more. But what if these plans abruptly gets cancelled leaving you no choice but to spend it at home away from the people you look forward to seeing or worse, you get to spend it alone. Meeting up in public areas are hardly possible these days.

Sound & Light Hire developed these comprehensive packages that would still allow you to celebrate any important event despite the pandemic. Keep in mind, we also deliver our event equipment right at your doorstep for only £25 and whether you are coming from Surrey, Berkshire or Guildford.

Aside from the party packages mentioned above, we also stock disco lighting, smoke machines, bubble machines, LED screens and many more https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/

Sound and Light Hire Surrey will be happy to provide you with any of your event equipment needs. We want to help achieve a spectacular party set-up without a hassle and worry. Our lines are open to respond to your event queries as fast as lightning!

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