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The constant advancement of technology plays an important part in improving and enhancing the visual quality of an event. In larger occasions which require presentations, you need to consider a wide range of options in displaying your contents; pre-event photographs and videos or the same-day edit video presentations prepared for you by your production team.

In this case, the variety of options worth considering in getting a display technology must be thoroughly examined and considered. It means knowing the content you want to show, the environment you need to install it in– may it be simple party gatherings, birthday celebrations, a corporate night, or conventions, and the feature benefits to determine the best choice for your presentation.

The best display technology needed for these types of event presentations are your projectors. New technology used in projectors is not only focused in showing visual images but also enabled people to have the best immersive experiences and impressions.

If you are on your way to structuring private or corporate events in need of an easy-going presentation, you’ll never go wrong in choosing the perfect projector we off at Sound and Light Hire Surrey.

Here, we will tell you why getting a projector hire for your event is a must and reveal the benefits it brings:

Experience convenience with its Flexibility

Projectors are versatile to this day given the advancement made by technology. It is important to be acquainted with your type of projector needed. Now, there has been an improvement in the quality of images illuminated by these high-end projectors. Our modern projectors now offer a brighter and excellent image quality. By excellent image quality, meaning better color, contrast and clearer display that is seen even at a far distance. These innovations are made available because of modern technology allows for RGB (red, green, blue) to be increased creating brighter images appearing to be more highlighted. And in darker images, richer blacks can also be produced to eliminate previously dull pictures and create a more textured appearance.

Not only that, its flexibility as well exudes in various aspects including this device’s wired connectivity. Most projectors now have already a built-in direct digital link allowing you to send HDMI and FHD audio and control signals through a single cable of up to 100 meters in length. With this, a high quality and reliable transmission is provided even in long distances. While flexible options include 20,000-lumen FLM projectors for large venues, Sanyo short throw lenses and smaller 4,000-lumen projectors for smaller rooms.

User-friendly projectors to keep you at ease

With leisure and ease you get to enjoy using your projectors without worries. People hire projectors and screen today because it is easy to use. They are portable and are lightweight. You won’t have to worry about installing it on your own at your convention, party, or presentation because it’s fast and easy. The cables are easily identifiable to which port it is to be connected. You can as well choose to mount the projector on the ceiling or rest it on a table.

For the screen, it is portable as well and you can choose to move it to a place you are most comfortable with. It’s built with a tripod stand and is easy to dismantle as well. There are ideally wireless projectors that allow lesser set-up time and can be operated from afar. This does not only mean that it is user-friendly but it can also be considered above; being a flexible device to use.

Enjoy projector hire leisurely for a reasonable price

Projector hire are cost-efficient. If you are planning to get your hands on the latest technology with a spot on performance, projector hire is an inexpensive way to achieve your goal. Given its easy-to-use and versatile feature, the price which comes with it is a no-worry. Sound & Light Hire Surrey have great deals to look forward to that offers renting of the equipment for as little as a day minimum or even all the way up to 24 months maximum.

The cost of your projector is determined based on the specifics of your choice.

Our Projector Hire 1 equipped with a 1 X Viewsonic PJD5211 DLP Projector and an HDMI cable already provided, is offered at a reasonable price. Our Projector Hire 2 with a 1 X Viewsonic PJD5231 Projector, an HDMI cable, and a 1 X 6Ft By 4Ft Projector Screen all for a good price. If you need to hire a AV projector in London rather than Surrey then please see another company called On Tour Events who are based in London

You won’t have to worry in connecting the equipment since you will be offered with both an HDMI and VGA cable each so you could easily connect it to a whole range of devices. With the above mentioned benefits of projector hires, it is clear that setting it up would sound even easier. All you need is to plug the cables in from your projector to your device and you’re ready to go.

There may be more reasons for projector hires to be beneficiary in aiding your photo and video presentations, yet, all you really need is a cost-effective, user-friendly and a flexible equipment to project your visual presentation on high definition; a Projector.

Now that we have shared with you some of the main features and benefits in hiring projectors, you are on your way in completing your entire setup for your next business presentation. For other event needs that you may have, such as PA equipment, sound lighting equipment, lighting fixtures and more, Sound & Light Hire Surrey is here to provide you with a full event setup. Our team of professional sound and light engineers will support you at every stage of the event preparation process. No matter what the occasion is, business event or private party, we make sure to provide you with not only high-end quality equipment, but also a successful event with everything you need in one go.

We would be glad to entertain any inquiry! For a full list of our available services and packages, browse through our website or you may call us today!

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