What You Need To Know About Smoke Machines Before Hiring One For Your Event


Surrey’s Leading Party Disco Equipment Supplier Talks Smoke Machine Hire For Your Summer Party

Details are essential in achieving your most desired party plans, from getting that perfect lighting down to selecting the best sound production equipment. But to fully get a taste of your dream set-up, adding a little “atmosphere” to your event will definitely go a long way.

You might have heard of smoke machines or fog machines and usually see it being used as visual effects during concerts and stages giving off a heavenly vibe. These machines also give a great impact with the overall outcome of your function.

Smoke machines, also referred to as fog machines, are party equipment that uses special fluid to produce thick white smoke adding special visual effects to your venue. These types of machines often come with a remote control to adjust the volume of smoke being produced as well as how long the smoke will last.

There are other machines similar to smoke machines which give off the same vibe but differ in terms of smoke production. Interchangeably, the terms other than smoke machines, the terms hazers or haze machines and low fog machines are being used. Although, all three of these emits fog or smoke, low fog machines produce cold liquid particles and the fog remains close to the ground while the heated smoke produced by smoke machines rise and dissipate within the room. Whereas, haze machines, also known as ‘hazers,’ can be oil-based or water-based and are used to complement lighting effects.

It creates a fine and subtle haze wherein the particles linger in the air for a long time before dissipating making them ideal for use at shows and concerts. They produce a much finer and less noticeable effect than smoke or low fog machines, as they are designed to emphasise the effects of lighting allowing you to see rays and patterns you would not normally see.

Even with the given visual presentation benefits of smoke machines, we cannot help but wonder whether the smoke emitted has risks or is dangerous. Is it really safe to add this element to our future events?

Smoke machines actually produce mist or fog and not smoke.

Mists produced by smoke machines do not linger in the air for too long when emitting either a thick or thin smoke consistency. It is also different from mist generator which uses a special type of mist fluid that, when evaporated, immediately limits your sight clearance and gets suspended longer in the air inside the room.

A substance that was used long ago for smoke machines called diethylene glycol has long been discarded. This substance was reportedly replaced with propylene glycol to avoid further respiratory damage with long-term exposure to diethylene glycol.

But the question is how fog is processed and produced from a smoke machine. It takes a fog fluid to be heated until it turns to gas form, and then expels it into the air where it condenses into tiny drops. So first you need a fog fluid that is pure and clean and made with high quality and safe ingredients, and then you need a machine that will heat the fog fluid you have to the correct temperature for that particular liquid. The smoke produced stays safe if your machine does not over-heat. If you over-heat the fog fluid, you will create unhealthy byproducts. If propylene glycol is combusted, another substance is formed, which is propylene oxide and is a dangerous product.

That is why choosing the best machine manufacturer is important because of this factor.

With smoke machines, you are able to create versatile atmospheric effects. Smoke effects are knowingly suited for “spooky” or “ghostly” scenes also it is great to use for highlighting special lighting effects to more crisp or smoothness during stage performances that is best on Halloween parties. Ideally, for your favoured events, the use of a smoke machine is preferable for recreating that smoke-filled atmosphere of a speakeasy. This enhances the aura of your party if you want to take people unto a misty feeling and take on a ride with the clouds together with that reminiscent “dream sequences.” This helps you set the tone of a more romantic atmosphere in a wedding.

To achieve your desired atmospheric ambiance, choosing the best special effects hire is essential. Sound and Light Hire Surrey offers exclusive and a wide range of special effects hire to choose from including smoke effects hire. Find out which package suits you best and know the rates we offer through https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/special-fx-hire/

An original Smoke Machine Hire unit will be a great addition to your party lighting and sound package

We also offer a Vertical Smoke Machine Hire if you want to try on something new. Vertical smoke machines are a wise choice if you want something slightly different from the normal. Not only that, we also make sure to it that our equipment are safe and ready to use all the time. Right before we deliver it you, we do manually checking of our equipment and do another quality control check once we have received our machines back. We use the safest fog substances mentioned above to ensure you a peace of mind during the entire duration of the event and remove your doubts when you want to avail our smoke machines.

On top of our smoke machine hire, Sound and Light Hire Surrey also offers other special effects equipment such as flame machines, bubble machines and snow machines that individually give off different vibes and have their own special function.

Here is a list of our other smoke machines and quote https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/special-fx-hire/. All these equipment are readily available for rent and are in-house so even if you have a last-minute party you’re hosting, you can definitely rely to us. Whether you are having an intimate wedding, a grand birthday bash, or a live streaming conference, Sound and Light Hire Surrey is your one-stop even production company for all your event needs. Call us today for bookings and reservations!

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