Various Types Of Microphones for Live Events


Various Types Of Microphones for Live Events

The microphone is one of the most important components of any audio or musical instrument. It allows you to create sounds and voices that would not be possible without it. Microphones have tubes in them that capture the sound waves. These captured sound waves are then converted into electrical signals that are heard through speakers or headphones. Microphones capture sound by acoustics, that is, they achieve their sound by capturing the sound energy that is produced by the vibrations of the diaphragm and by surrounding the microphone with various walls and objects.

Basically three types of microphone are available in the market. Condenser microphones use transistors to capture the electric signals. These are called dynamic microphones as they change their level of recording according to the vibrations of the diaphragm. You can find them in two variants, the DC coupled (DC) microphone and the hybrid microphones. There are other types of microphones that are also used for the same purpose such as piezoelectric, frequency division multiplexer (FSMM) and many more.

Dynamic microphones capture audio energy by changing its level of recording based on the vibrations of the diaphragm. This type of microphone works well in situations where the audio signal is very low and the source of the sound waves is very high. With a diaphragm attached to the microphone, it changes its level of capturing and transmits the audio to the speaker or the music speaker.

The wireless microphone has many advantages over the fixed microphone. As it does not need cables and wires, you can easily bring it anywhere. You can also move it from one place to another easily. However, the drawbacks of wireless microphones are: it is less reliable than the fixed microphones as it often gets loose of its signal and is prone to several problems and interferences.

Microphone rental is also one of the popular options available in the market. The mic rental comes in two options: the on-site microphone and the off-site microphone rental. Both these options are very convenient and helpful for people who do not have much money. On-site microphone rental allows the user to pick up the microphone from a specific location and fix it there permanently. It can easily be moved to any direction.

Wireless microphone rentals are widely used and preferred by most of the people because they help you cut down a considerable amount of expenses. The most important advantage of wireless microphone rentals is that they help you to reduce the maintenance cost. You just need to send the faulty unit to the concerned dealer and they will repair it for you at the lowest possible price. However, wireless microphone rentals are quite expensive than the fixed mics. Sometimes it even comes with a heavy price tag. For this reason, it is not often used by most of the users.

People mostly use wired microphones because the performance of wireless microphone is much better than the performance of the wired microphones. Wireless microphone provides better performance and flexibility to the user. The user can move freely while talking or performing with these wireless mics because they do not possess any wire or cord attaching them to any particular place. The performance of wireless microphone depends mainly on the quality of the microphone. If the microphone is not properly designed then there are chances that it may not perform well.

Condenser microphone is one of the latest addition to the market as far as the sound is concerned. This type of microphone does not require any coil or diaphragm and functions with the help of a motor, which converts the electrical energy into acoustic energy. These microphones are quite popular now and are quite useful for people who do not want to use much energy and yet want to transmit loud sound. Therefore, a microphone rental is an important step for those who want to take part in various communication, entertainment and sports activities using modern technology.

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