The Use of audiovisual party lighting & sound systems at events in the Surrey

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The Use of audiovisual party lighting & sound systems at events in the Surrey


Planning events is not an easy task. You have to put your whole energy into making sure that everything synchronises with the idea of the event that you have in your mind. The one perfect event! But when you’re an amateur and working under extreme pressure, you start to lose your mind thus resulting in an event that is nothing but a disaster. You need not worry as we (Sound & Light Hire Surrey) are here to save your event, anytime and anywhere you want. You have landed in the perfect place where we provide you with the essential sound, party ighting, staging & all the disco required for an event.

The impression of a great event stays forever in the minds of people. And this happens only when the event is not just well planned but also well-executed. Now, execution is the part where people and companies fail to perform. While we stick to the ideas, plans and execute it like the pros. Not that we don’t face difficulties, but the fact that our team always finds a great way out so you enjoy an event that stays in your heart forever.

What do Sound & Light Hire Surrey do?

We specialise in all kinds of audio, visual equipment that one might need in an event. Be it an indoor or outdoor event we’ve got it all covered for you. We can support you with ideas, setup, and all the fun.

Sound Hire: Every great event needs an awesome sound system hire, and we’re the best in providing you the best experience. We have a range of PA systems or depending upon the size of your event we can provide you with small, medium, or big equipment. We’ve got multiple options from our complete sound hire list to choose from. You can get your hands on our DIY iPod Sound system, sound and light system hire, radio microphones, live band PA System, DJ equipment hire, and even a complete solo performer pack. Just give us a call and we’ll be there to work on your sound system and speaker hire.

Lighting Hire: We offer you the best party lighting. The lightning-like never before. Be it any theme, or ambiance you want for your event, just let us know and leave the rest to us. We promise whoever attends your part will always remember the extravaganza of lighting they experienced at the event that you hosted. We cover everything from disco lighting for your outdoors to simple warm-toned lighting for your indoor events. You can grab our LED moving head wash lights, disco lights, Wireless LED’s, IP rated wireless uplighters, LED bars uplighter, cool laser lights, and customised strobe lights as well.

Special FX Hire: Special effects are necessary when you want to add small but meaningful elements to your lighting or sound in the event. No event is complete without these special effects. The dramatic bubble machines blowing bubbles all over the romantics or the crazy smoke machines, bombing a dose of extra dopamine into the crazily partying crowd is something that can always make our day. Not only this, but we can also provide you with dry-ice machines, flame machines, projectors, or lasers of your choices for those extra elements, so you can own your event like a complete boss. Up your party game with our party lighting with special Fx hire.

Furniture and Dance Floor Hire: We’ve got piles of cool furniture and dance floor setups that can match your ideas. We can take your event to another level by adding our signature dance LED dance floors and LED furniture that will be totally by your theme as well. How cool is that? No? We are the best dance floor hires you can treat yourself to in the whole of London. We also offer a complete package hire with the furniture and dance floor hire if you want. The package includes venue lighting, audio, and visual equipment along with dance floors and the furniture. The package is designed to be extremely useful and pocket friendly. You can choose your favorites from a round LED poseur table, square LED poseur table, round LED mobile bar, LED cubes, LED chairs, and other furniture.

Stage Hire: A great stage adds great value to the whole event. The uniqueness we try to give to our stages captures the eye of viewers. We can handle both indoor and outdoor stages. The stage size can vary however you like. We have a range of stages from wooden to metallic to hard plastic board, the ones with the dramatic curtains and lights. Or you can just tell us your theme and we can customize the whole stage according to it. Our stage hire is one of the frequently availed services, as we make sure to keep the stage strong yet elegant. Stages come along with a lighting and sound system package which makes it pocket friendly as well as easier to install. You can hire custom lighting and sound system hire as well, in case you do not want to go with our pre-picked equipment. We’re just there to make your life easier and stress-free.

Locations we cover around Surrey:

We aim to provide our services to the whole United Kingdom but for time being we are mainly based in Surrey, Guilford, London, and Berkshire. But, you can always give us a call and we can make sure wherever you are we are there to make your event successful and a joy to remember. Just keep it in mind, there’s no problem with our service bound to specific areas since setting up the disco lighting for our clients gives us the greatest pleasure.

Party Lighting & Sound HirePackages:

We understand the need for so many audio visual equipment, party lighting items in a single event. For that sole reason, we have introduced our multiple party packages, which include almost everything that a specific sort of party would need. Hiring our packages make it easier for you to handle the equipment and also it is much easier on your pocket. Party packages range from covering small size events to medium and even the big fat ones. In case, you think our package does not satisfy your need, let us know and we can discuss it with you and arrange something specifically for you.

Why choose Sound & Light Hire Surrey?

There are so many great companies out there providing sound system hire in the United Kingdom, but there are things that make us special and one you can rely on. We do not compromise when it comes to our service and hospitality. We make sure that we are satisfying our clients in every possible way. The points listed below give very logical reasoning as to why you should select us over others.

Latest Technology Equipment: We have a team of technical experts who know which product is the latest in the market. After doing our research and complete analysis on which model suits best to match the quality we want to achieve, we only keep that specific equipment. It is very unlikely that anybody from your party ever makes a despicable statement about your party arrangements. We’d never let that happen. We make sure that we maintain your social name if not above the mark then at least intact. Which is a great deal for anyone throwing a party.

Delivery and setup: Well, we provide you with options everywhere. You can get the audio visual equipment delivered to your place with just a small amount of extra sum. We will not only deliver the equipment but our highly experienced team will also help you in setting up the whole equipment or arrangement of your dance floors or whatever you’ve hired. But if there’s a case that you want to pick up the equipment yourself, well we’re okay with that as well. All you need to do is just come to our office, pick up the equipment but wait, before picking up our team will still demonstrate how to set up everything, all for free.

Market Experience: We are excelling in the world of providing sound and lighting hire for more than 15 years now. We have faced multiple situations that were never thought of and we still managed to make it through them successfully. Our skills in handling and fixing the equipment knows no bounds so you can relax your head and leave it up to us. We have teams of great engineers working in a different department who fix and tune our equipment, the reason why our devices never fail.

Customer Experience: We have a whole team working to make the customer experience the best. You’ve got any issue in hiring the equipment in the first place, give our team a call. You’re having trouble setting up the equipment, give our team a call. You’re having a bad time with the hired equipment, well, now you know who to call. Other than that, we try to provide the maximum on-time physical support to our clients whenever they want us or vice versa. We promise to make ourselves the best lighting hire decision for your events, a decision that you would never regret your whole life & dont forget we can also build you an outdoor festival stage if you really want to put o a BIG party ! Stage Hire in Surrey

Super-Fast Response: When in need, you can contact us and we will reply right away. We believe in customer care and satisfaction. Our customer care service offers multiple facilities including solving all your queries and demonstrating how to use different items provided by us so that you do not find them difficult to use. Our helpline is available 24/7 and you can surely rely on us in your hour of need.

Further Assistance: As mentioned before, we always go the extra mile to give the best and comfortable experience for our clients. If you are not sure about what exactly you want for your event, our art team ensures to work out your thoughts after talking to you and giving your ideas and suggestions. We try to make sure that the event you are hosting is a reflection of who you are. Moreover, if you require any DJ, we are more than happy to connect you with some awesome DJ’s as well.

Insured Equipment: You do not need to worry about hiring the equipment, since many people claim that hiring costs millions if the equipment you return has even the slightest fault. No, that’s not the case here. We are a completely insured company. And we carry more than £10,000,000 in the name of public liability insurance and all the hire equipment is PAT on the yearly basis.

Health Concerns: As the times have changed and we need to take extra care when it comes to arranging parties and gathering up the crowd in one place. This is a huge responsibility and we do not suggest you handle things all by yourself. Considering the importance of social distancing, we have done the corona tests of our teams and also properly sanitised our equipment. Just for the extra care, we sanitise the complete equipment before delivering it to your doorstep. Moreover, when we are your dance floor hire, stage hire, or furniture hire, we now try to adjust things in a way that you have a hell of a party along with maintaining the necessary preventive measures of social distancing. Our customer’s health is the primary concern and we would never compensate for it.


We have successfully organised small to huge events with people from all communities and everybody has always complimented how we managed things. People who get along with us once, stick to us and there’s nothing more in the world that we’d love for ourselves. Get our amazing services of lighting hire including all sorts of party lighting, sound system hire, our newest bought visual equipment, dramatic special effects, fancy stages, and cool dance floors. Speaker systems that will happen to give you the best concert experience all over the United Kingdom. Just contact our team, talk to us and we will sort out a great and memorable event for you.

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