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Can you still recall the last music festival you have been to? What part of the event made the most impact to you? Was it the grand cinematic entrance of the band? Or the laser lights hanging above that touches every member of the audience while the music takes the crowd away? While all of us have our own favourite moment that brings nostalgia every time we recall them, we tend to forget that a lot goes into the production process just to create that glitz and glamour we see in a music festival.

So, how much do we know about these lights, sounds and special effects? And what are the things we need to know about these event equipment? Here at Sound & Light Hire Surrey, we answer some of the basic questions you need to learn before deciding which special effects you want to include in your next special event!

Sound & Light Hire Surrey is a full-service production hire company based in Surrey but also caters to clients coming from Berkshire, Guildford and other surrounding areas.

UV Lighting

Ultraviolet light or also known as black light is a classic lighting effect that gives a fluorescent glow to any white surface such as clothing, teeth or a prop. This type of special effect can be fully effective in a dark room and can be further enhanced using UV paint, UV stickers or UV make-up.

We offer flexible UV lighting hire packages that will suit any size of UV-themed event from small, medium to large-scale. Our inventory of UV equipment consists of UV lighting panels, T-bar lighting stands and will only easily take 5 minutes to set-up.

Laser Light

You will never go wrong with using laser lights to any type of event. And this equipment does not even require a huge budget to rent. The flexibility of its features can best fit to either a romantic wedding event or an outdoor live concert.

Again, Sound & Light Hire Surrey can supply you with any of your laser lighting needs that will surely make your event more spectacular. With many years of experience in the business, we have arranged our laser hire packages that can cover from 70 up to 120 people at a very affordable rate. To create a more dramatic effect that can go with your laser lights, we always advise our clients to consider smoke machines to add to their special effects. We also offer slightly unusual vertical smoke machines that are water-based while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high-power (3 W) LEDS.

Strobe Light

Another lighting fixture we offer at Sound & Light Hire Surrey is the strobe light. Its main feature produces fast flashing light that creates an illusion of slow-motion that would make you feel like you are at a rave party . This is also perfect for themed-birthday parties, live concerts or music festivals. Our services cover from small to large-scale events.

If you are still not sure how to achieve this effect, we would be happy to educate and supply you with the right strobe lights that are appropriate for your event.

Flame Machine

One of the less common special effects we see on events would have to be the flame machine. Having one can definitely add a “wow” factor and will make your event stand out from the rest.

But of course, adding this to your production takes careful measures. It is very important to hire a reliable event production company to make sure the special effects equipment you have on your event are not only breathtaking but more importantly safe. We have carefully chosen and tested our flame machines from trusted brands that can deliver striking effects . Learn more about this special effect by checking out https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/special-fx-hire/.

Bubble Machine

Sound & Light Hire Surrey offers a pro bubble machine package that comes with one high output bubble machine, 2 litres of bubble mix and all the power/ connecting cables you need for any occasion for a starting price of only £25.

It features a powerful visual effect that will also look great in pictures at any given event.

Having a bubble machine in a children’s party can add a more playful and entertaining vibe for the kids while it can also create a more romantic atmosphere at wedding events.

Snow Machine

Regardless of the temperature or the season, if you are going for a whimsical winter atmosphere with some blizzard effect for Christmas parties or winter-themed weddings, a snow machine is the answer. Renting such can definitely transform your event in an instant.

Our in-house smoke machine can produce realistic snow up to 10 meters and can be adjusted using a wired controller. If you are looking to rent for a smoke machine and any other party equipment within Surrey, Berkshire, Guildford and surrounding areas, contact Sound & Light Hire Surrey now. Most of our equipment can fit into any car and are generally plug-and-play too so it is very convenient to control.

Now that we have made a run down of our wide array of special effects and their respective functions, you may also check out our full range of PA systems to complete your party setup.

Our best-seller ipod sound system hire that comes with speakers, sub-woofers and stands and can be plugged to any apple device or laptop. Having this setup, you can personally navigate over the music playlist, volume and other sound system settings. We offer this to any occasion like house parties, birthday celebrations and even wedding events.

On the other hand, if you are a band and are looking for an event equipment hire to make sure the technical aspect of your live performance is handled by professional sound engineers, Sound & Light Hire Surrey offers a Live Band PA Package. And to top it all off, we can take care of the overall stage production setup from stage hire, lighting setup, LED walls and more of your event equipment needs. More details on our packages are available here https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/party-packages/

With more than 2 decades of experience in the industry, Sound & Light Hire Surrey is Surrey’s premiere party event equipment hire company. We have worked with multiple clients with a variety of events that’s why we are competent in what we do. Do not hesitate to reach us today for a consultation and we will make your next event enthralling with high-end services from Sound & Light Hire Surrey.

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