Sound & Light Hire Surrey Stocks Everything From Disco Lighting To Sound Systems & Staging


Sound & Light Hire Surrey Stocks Everything From Disco Lighting To Sound Systems & Staging So Lets See How We Can Help You

Event production companies may vary with the services they offer. Production hire services may range from audio visual equipment packages, lighting packages, stage hire services and more. Availability of varying hire packages from one company is one advantage they hold. Clients would choose companies which offers a wider spectrum of these hire packages.

Here at Sound & Light Hire Surrey, we are complete and fully equipped with the best quality AV package deals and lighting hire. But it is not only that, we also offer a variety of lighting services, sound system services down to stage production, LED walls and projector screens, among others. Most relevant party themes stretch out to a disco theme along with EDM party themes. For these types of groovy atmosphere, you should not miss out on the most essential tone setter for your event, you LED Disco Lights. And worry no more, because Sound & Light Hire Surrey have them in stock for you.

Here, we will tell you more about what Surrey have to offer and what you should do to find out what you have been truly missing to liven up your dance floor and give more spice to the atmosphere, giving party-goers the best time of their life!

Get the Best Custom Stage Designs

Choosing the right stage is a serious matter and that comes with the choosing the best staging company to create an event that will be remembered and to keep the momentum of your events going for the following years. Take the extra careful in making these decisions because it might affect your chances of having another shot at an event for the future.

Well, the best stage hire is found in Surrey. Whether what you are looking for is an outdoor or indoor stage design, may it be for a bright sunny day outside or for a small local concert indoors. Surrey offers covered outdoor stages that can bring a difference to your event.

Sound & Light Hire Stage Packages varies in terms of the area, the type of event and inclusiveness of the event.

We offer 4 different Stage Packages.

  • Outdoor Stage Package 1 – a 6-meter by 4-meter stage package complete with sound & lighting equipment
  • Outdoor Stage Package 2 – a 6-meter by 4-meter stage package complete with an upgraded sound & lighting collection
  • Outdoor Stage Package 3 – A complete Stage & Production

Lastly, is not actually literally a stage but it go well with our stage hires.

  • Video Wall/ Outdoor Screen Hire – Perfect for a wide array of events ranging from; conferences, exhibition stands, outdoor cinemas & festivals.

Select the most suitable Sound System Hire

We know large areas are in need of, of course, huge sound systems as well. Any indoor setting may just require DIY iPod packages and minimal space. To select the best and most suitable Sound System hire, Sound & Light Hire Surrey has various packages offered as well to match your theme and event. For outdoor events that needs wide stage production hires, it may also be in need of large sound systems. If you’re just looking to hire a high end sound system offering clarity and overall top performance, the ultimate sound system hire package you can count on clear sounding, with high quality d&b Audiotechnik PA system is here at our company.

Here are the lists of packages for outdoor sound systems:

  • Ultimate Sound System Hire
  • Live Band PA System – Small
  • Live Band PA System – Medium
  • Live Band PA System – Large
  • Live Sound Hires (2.5KW, 7KW, 12KW)

For indoor sound system hires:

You cannot make a mistake in choosing your sound system hire package and it should also be decided considering the different factors present in your event’s setting.

Match your Disco Lights Accordingly

What could be missing on a dance floor stage only with the music and a beat? A dancing, flashing light. LED Disco Light fixtures are offered at Surrey ready to hire for parties, weddings, discos, concerts, and any other type of event. To keep enjoying your party in an easy way, hire a party lighting that is also cost effective. There are different lighting fixtures available at Sound & Light Hire Surrey to couple your stage and sound production.

Available at Sound & Light Hire Surrey are LED moving head wash hires from small to medium in size. These are adjustable moving head units that give an ultra-bright wash of colour. It’s perfect for those looking to fill a large space offering you an eye-catching lighting for your event.

LED Disco Light Hires are very easy to use. It is a plug and play device and the next thing you know, you have an amazing disco lighting setup for your party. Wireless LED uplighting hires from small to medium sizes are available as well. It is a completely wireless LED uplighters that is perfect for adding a sophisticated look to any venue.

There are many more Disco Light Hires that the company has in store for clients and the audience. Again, it is best to match your stage production, sound system production together with your lighting to create the best impression for your event and make it the most memorable one yet.

Sound & Light Hire Surrey ensure that all of these necessary details are delivered to your liking. Contact us at our email and phone numbers to get your planning ahead so we could provide you the best quality services. You may also check out our party packages to get an overview of what you will be getting should you choose us!

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