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Finding the right kit for your party or event, one that suits the size of the room and the number of guests you’ve invited, is perhaps the most critical aspect of shopping around for speaker and lighting hire in Surrey and the surrounding area.

Sound & Light Hire Surrey offers a broad selection of group rental speakers and audio equipment. We have everything you need in terms of audio, including a range of speakers, microphones, PA systems, mixing desks, and DJ consoles.

Our party packages are designed to make lighting and audio setup for the next party or event a breeze. To create the perfect environment for your party or festival, select from a variety of packs or we can also assist you in creating a customized setup. We have high-powered and lightweight speakers with simple mixers that allow you to connect your iPod/device or a machine to the system, as well as the requisite stands and cables.

We have some fantastic lighting options, including LED disco lighting effects, smoke machines, lasers, and strobe light hire in some sets. You can choose from a wide variety of lighting options at Sound & Light Hire Surrey.

A small iPod party sound system of 2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers that you can plug into any iPhone, iPod, or Laptop, allowing you to play your favorite playlists & be in complete control over the music selection all night, is good for kids parties and small gatherings. At Sound & Light Hire Surrey, this package starts at £45, and will happily cover 70 people at a good volume level and lighting coverage.

If you’re looking to hire some lighting alongside this system then check out our brilliant disco lighting package for only £20! Super effective & easy to use.

To enhance the lighting you could also add a smoke machine to the mix & if you’ve got a smoke machine then our laser package is guaranteed to impress all in attendance, a real show stopper.

If your party is more around the 100 people mark, you will be wanting a little more volume, which of course would also include more bass. The medium iPod party system package includes two speakers, one subwoofer, speaker stands & all the cables you need for extra coverage in the event venue or hall. The extra subwoofer will add depth to the sound, which in turn adds volume to the overall sound in your reception. The setup connects into any iPhone, iPod, Laptop, or iPad meaning you are in complete control over the music selection throughout. And it only takes 5 minutes to complete the assembly and you’re good to go!

The large iPod Sound System hire that we offer, for events of about 120 people, includes a greater variety of 2 EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers, 2 EV ZXA1-Sub and 2 X Speaker Stands for the larger crowd. This package is very popular with people who want to hire a DJ for their party but when the DJ does not have the correct size equipment. This sound and audio hire package comes with an aux cable and sound mixer for when you want to run your own select party playlist from a device of your choice. ( iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod, or laptop). With only ten minutes to set up, you will then have a complete sound system that is comparable to a professional setup. This large iPod party system is a brilliant choice for a whole host of events from weddings, birthday parties, house parties, etc.

We also offer a great selection of lighting & special effect equipment that works brilliantly alongside this system. Smoke machines, lasers, moving heads, uplighters, strobe effects, the list goes on.

Aside from the iPod party system packages that we have, we also present you with the Ultimate Sound System Hire. Look no further for a high-end sound system of exceptional clarity and overall efficiency for a large-scale event of about 500 people. You can rely on a crisp sounding, high quality d&b Audiotechnik PA system ( 2 X d&b Audiotechnik B2 Sub, 2 X d&b Audiotechnik Q-Sub

4 X d&b Audiotechnik D12 Amplifier) with this ultimate sound system hire kit to leave a lasting impression on your guests.4 X d&b Audiotechnik Q1

If you are also looking for top-quality lighting to pair with your sound system, we have a fantastic range for you to choose from.

Our all-in-one lighting hire package includes a diverse lighting fixture to cover all bases, a cost-efficient way to add an array of professional lighting for your venue across Surrey and Berkshire. The inclusion of this package: 2 X Phanton 120 Moving Heads, 2 X Equinox, Revolution Lighting Effects, 2 X Lasers, 2 X Strobe, 8 X Chauvet Freedom Par Tri 6 Uplighter, 1 X Smoke Machine, 3 X T-Bar Lighting Stand, and All Relevant Cable.

We also recommend our Wedding Lighting package for couples looking for a complete and professional lighting setup. A cost-effective and simple way to complement more intelligent moving head fixtures with competent mood lighting. If you want to up-light your whole wedding venue as well as get some vivid, efficient lighting effects going around the venue for the evening’s entertainment, this is the perfect pick. The moving headlights will definitely entice your guests to get up and head to the dance floor. These equipment are also a brilliant solution for uplighting any dull or empty spaces in your venue as these have customizable colour schemes to match your wedding theme. The package is consists of 24 X Chauvet Freedom Par Tri 6 Uplighter, 4 X Moving Head, 4 X Truss Podium, 1 X Haze Machine.

Our team of experts at Sound & Light Hire Surrey has worked with various events of all sorts, from birthday parties, weddings and conferences, so you are assured that your event is handled by professionals. We also have a complete range of event equipment hire from leading brands. Call us today or visit our website for any of your event equipment needs and production services.

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