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One of the most important components in an event setup is its lighting. Thus, event production companies in Surrey make it a point to supply a variety of lighting hire for any event size and type.

While some of these companies over promises but under delivers, Sound & Light Hire Surrey is an exception! With a stellar track record of more than 20 years, we offer a large inventory of lighting and PA speaker rental packages to accommodate any kind of event or band. We only use branded, high-quality sound and lighting equipment, so you are at ease that your event can go off without a hitch. For ideas and inspiration on what PA or lighting to employ, visit our Instagram page or our home page.

So before we jump in with some of our party lighting hire packages, here are a few tips from our experienced light engineers for you to take note of when choosing the perfect lighting fixture for your upcoming party.

Nothing is more frustrating than lighting that is totally out of sync with the party’s theme. Consider a glitzy gala dinner of psychedelic dance lighting from the 1970s. If you are going for a subtle or large and bold vibe, make sure your lighting fixture is properly coordinated with the theme that you are trying to achieve. Our light engineers can also do an ocular visit to your reception and provide you with recommendations. We make sure we work closely with our clients to deliver the best event sound and light setup for them.

Also, consider the age group of your guests attending, be sure you choose the lighting that suits them. If you have a younger crowd, consider adding some special effects machine or some LED lights in your setup. As the natural light varies and the evening progresses, make sure you can control and monitor the lighting setup so you can adjust the intensity of illumination gradually.

Try using lighting to add the company’s marketing colors and slogan if you’re hosting a business conference or office party. The company’s logo can be projected using gobos, and LED uplighting can be used to color-coordinate the walls. For wedding events, try customizing gobos with the married couple’s names and projecting them across the room as a slow-moving projection in the reception venue. You can personalize it in a variety of ways.

Lighting is a fantastic way to make your event more personal and close to the heart. The atmosphere of your event would partly depend on the lighting fixture of your choice. So be sure to work with a professional event production company such as the Sound & Light Hire Surrey, that will help you create a party celebration that you’ve always envisioned.

First on our list is the Party Equipment Package. This is perfect if you’re throwing a party and want to employ a basic plug-and-play DIY sound system. This sound and lighting kit includes an iPod sound system and “sound to light” disco lights that respond, glow, and change colour in time with the music being played, as well as a smoke machine to intensify the effect of the lights and create a more club-like party atmosphere. For only £95.00, you can transform any room in an instant!

2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers

4 X Equinox Party Disco Lighting Effects

1 X Smoke Machine

2 X Speaker Stands

2 X Lighting T-Bar Stands

With a sound system that covers up to 120 people providing you with clear crisp vocals alongside deep booming bass, this all-in-one sound and lighting package is the best deal for you.

Trust us when we say you will absolutely be wowed with the quality of this setup. You then have 4 brilliant sound’2’light disco lights which simply bolt onto the T bars provided, plug them in & away you go! It’s that simple! 8 Up lighters allow you to create a warm & welcoming feel to any outside areas matching the colours with any colour theme that may be in place. 2 lasers will help with the party vibe while offering impressive visuals for all avid dancers. And what’s good about our party packages is that they are flexible to suit your preference.

2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers

2 X EV ZXA1-Sub

4 X Equinox Revolution Lighting Effects

2 X Green Lasers

8 X Chauvet Freedom Par Tri 6 Uplighter

1 X Smoke Machine

3 X Lighting T-Bar Stands

2 X Speaker Stands

Easy To Setup & Operate

And finally, the last package that we want to feature is the Ultimate production package that contains literally every single tool you need to run a large-scale event. We make sure that the event equipment included in this package are high-end from the sound system, lighting fixture, LED furniture, smoke machines, and down to the cables. With our extensive selection of equipment brands, this will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We have a long list of party packages that you may choose from to cater to any of your events. If you are looking for a stage design for an outdoor gathering, we have them for you. With a starting price of £999.00, you can now have a full-blown stage design ready for a music concert. This also comes in RCF sound system that will easily cover an audience of 200- 300 people, an 8 channel mixing desk complete with microphones for a basic band set up plus lighting fixtures to both wash the stage and provide some moving heads and encourage your audience to join the hype.

We have more outdoor stage packages available with different specifications and inclusions. Check them out now and book a schedule with us for your next event. We do provide a distribution and setup service if needed, so if you’d like a member of our staff to bring the equipment to your place, set it up, and then come back after your event is over to pack it up, we’d be happy to give you a quote.

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