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There are a hundred different ways to make your party celebration exceptional and memorable. You put a lot of thought into marking the date, deciding on a theme and searching for the perfect venue for this special day. Most if not all of us, do not realise that an inviting dance floor can work wonders in creating a party vibe in a birthday celebration, a wedding event or even a house party. It encourages your guests to bring their groove to the centre stage and allows each one of them to engage with one another. While we think that a dance floor is just merely a dance floor, there are actually many practical reasons as to why it should be an essential element in your venue.

In this blog post, we put together some important facts to take note of before deciding which type of dance floor matches your taste and style. Sound & Light Hire Surrey provides all your party equipment needs from our wide array of PA systems down to the last electrical cord needed to light up your night. Whether you have chosen an indoor or outdoor setup, we can build a custom-design stage and according to your specification. Learn more about LED dance floors and where to get them by visiting https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/furniture-dance-floor-hire/led-starlit-dance-floors-hire-surrey/

Dance floors have been used in a variety of events for decades now.

A lot of wonderful moments are made on a dance floor as it serves as an interactive section to your event. For event organisers, making use of a dance floor allows them to open up an opportunity of creative points not available on any other decor out there. Setting aside its entertainment purpose for guests, such a piece is a great alternative for filling up dead spaces in an event lay-out. Considering the area it can cover because of its size, no longer do we have to worry about the additional expenses on props and other decors as it can become the main focal point in the room. In addition, it can serve as a divider of the different areas or sections of your venue. Logistically speaking too, it will not become an issue since dance floors are mostly a temporary staging and can be assembled anyhow and anywhere that will suit any preference. The possibilities are endless!

Being around in the event production business for more than 20 years now, Sound & Light Hire Surrey prides itself on its extensive sound & lighting equipment inventory and its in-depth research of tried and tested brands that we use for our clients’ events. Our team is composed of professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields so you don’t have to worry about trusting us with your function. If you are interested to learn more about who we are and what we do, visit https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/ for more information.

From a traditional wooden floor, to vinyl materials, the industry has evolved to Starlit dance floors.

It exhibits a starry effect feature from the hundreds and thousands of small LEDs etched together that exudes elegance and sophistication. This will surely become a jaw-dropping centrepiece to any wedding, gala or corporate event.

We are more than excited to offer you our package deals of LED starlit dance floor at a reasonable rate! They come in various sizes ranging from 10ft x 10ft to a maximum of 40ft x 40ft and with colour options between white and black with gloss finish. Whether you are hosting an intimate or a grand event, our LED starlit dance floors are fully customisable that will match your theme, colour or brand. And take note, our LED starlit dance floor will also be assembled by only one of our team members and it’s fast, easy and hassle-free!

Beyond the LED Starlit dance floor, Sound & Light Hire Surrey also offers pieces of LED furniture that will perfectly complement your overall theme. These can light up in many different colours and can be set to flash, hold or slow rotate through a vivid colour scheme. All our LED furniture are wireless, powered by rechargeable batteries and operated remotely. Having these included in your setup, your event organiser team can position the LED furniture creatively in a layout using different colour schemes that will add a unique touch of aesthetics to the venue.

Our LED furniture set comes in different packages that will definitely suit according to your needs.

We have in-stock round and square poseur tables, all types of chairs from bubble chairs, curved benches, and sofas. Part of our LED inventory comes in a separate package also includes a Round LED mobile hire that could last for up to 8 hours. Given the precautionary measures we take especially during this time of the pandemic, we guarantee all properties owned by Sound & Light Hire Surrey are properly sanitised and checked to ensure quality control of each of these items. For more detailed information and to get a quote of each of these packages, check out https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/furniture-dance-floor-hire/ now.

And beyond LED furniture, we also bring you the LED walls and 3.9mm outdoor LED screens that have become a staple to almost all types of functions.

We all need those massive screens to give our guests or attendees a more immersive experience in many ways. We can play any digital materials we want to showcase to them, or it can serve as a backdrop of your set up playing any digital art that will fit your theme or branding. If your looking to hire indoor LED screen for a conference & need & smaller pixel pitch such as 2.8mm or 1.8mm LED video wall then please see this screen hire company in London See a full list here https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/stage-hire/outdoorscreen-hire-surrey/

With our wide selection of LED furniture and event equipment hire, we are a leading full-service event production company trusted for the work we put in on every event we cater in Surrey, Guildford and Berkshire. We do not just offer our clients the logistics and supplies of their events but more importantly, save them the hassle, money and time in jumping from one company to another looking for their event needs. So the next time you host an event, you know who to reach out to Sound & Light Hire Surrey for your party equipment needs.

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