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Sound & Light Hire Surrey will assist you in determining your sound and light setup based on the location, the nature of your event, and your artistic preferences.

We’ll make sure your guests or audience is captivated with perfection, whether it’s an indoor gathering, a musical performance, or a corporate conference, at night and during the day.

Many people want to do it themselves or go for whatever in-house device available. Although this is a viable choice for smaller events, a larger event would benefit greatly if it would be set up by sound and light engineers using high-end event equipment.

Keep in mind that both sound and lighting provide a soul-stirring aura and ambiance. The artistry of Sound & Light Hire Surrey’s sound and lighting rental equipment is nothing short of magnificent. The ability to turn any space into a visual spectacle is only constrained by your imagination, thanks to an extensive inventory of traditional stage lighting fixtures, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology, and automatic lighting fixtures.

We have created a list of party packages for a specific occasion and venue requirement. In this blog post, we will give you some of our best-selling packages that may be of great use on your upcoming event, from ready-to-use setup down to large-scale, more complex equipment.


First on the list is the IPOD SPEAKER SYSTEM & DISCO LIGHTS HIRE that is designed for customers wanting a simple plug-and-play speaker & disco lighting system. This all-in-one kit is ideal for anybody who wants something simple and convenient to use while also getting excellent sound and lighting. There’s no need for amplifiers because these speakers have one built-in, and the disco lights respond to the sound, making this hire kit very user-friendly.

Included in this package are:

2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers

2 X Equinox Revolution Disco Lights

1 X EV ZXA1-Sub

2 X Speaker Stands

1 X Lighting T-Bar Stand

Plug into any iPhone, iPod, Laptop, iPad or PC

Up to 120 people


This is a kit we’ve discovered is ideal for DJs and event planners looking to employ high-quality equipment from a reputable and dependable manufacturing firm at a low cost.

This all-in-one sound and lighting rental package include everything you’ll need to make the next event a smash hit.

2 X RCF 725 Active Midtop Speakers

1 X RCF 8003 Active Sub Bass Speakers

2 X Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2

1 X Pioneer DJM900 Nexus 2

4 X Showtech M800 Tourcan

2 X Speaker Stands

1 X Lighting T-Bar Stand

Easy To Setup & Operate

No Need For Any Amplifiers


It’s perfect for holiday or themed events like ‘FIRE & ICE,’ but it can also be used for kids’ parties, weddings, proms, or some other celebration you can think of.

A high-quality sound system that attaches conveniently to any DJ equipment or iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc. is included, as well as a pair of fake flame devices that can be used to produce a variety of party ideas.

2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers

2 X Flame Machines

2 X Speaker Stands

Set up within 15 minutes

Fake flame effect 1.8m high


This fantastic DIY iPod sound system and LED party-up lighting kit is ideal for a variety of occasions but is particularly popular for birthdays, weddings, and, to be frank, any form of party.

2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers

8 X Showtech M800 Tourcan

2 X Speaker Stands

2 X Lighting T-Bar Stands

Easy plug and play set up

Covers up to 80 people


This sound & lighting hire package comes with an iPod sound system & ”sound to light” disco lights which react, flash & change colour in time with the music being played & even comes with a smoke machine to enhance the effect of the lights & create a more club-like party vibe.

2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers

4 X Equinox Party Disco Lighting Effects

1 X Smoke Machine

2 X Speaker Stands

2 X Lighting T-Bar Stands


This kit is suitable for medium to large-scale activities held outdoors, in a marquee, or at a rented location. You will have full control over the music collection at your event with a sound system that conveniently attaches to every iPhone, iPod, Laptop, or iPad. The addition of LED furniture would give every event an elegant feel while providing a brilliant backdrop for visitors to gaze at.

Of course, this kit can be customized; for example, we have a wide range of lighting and special effects equipment that will complement this package perfectly. The list goes on and on: smoke machines, lasers, jumping heads, up lighters, strobe effects, and so on. Whatever the event’s theme, you’ll be able to find a suitable answer.

2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers

1 X EV ZXA1-Sub

2 X Speaker Stands

2 X LED Poseur Table

2 X LED Benches

4 X LED Cube

Easy To Setup & Operate


This all-inclusive party kit includes everything you’ll need to make the next gathering a hit. With a sound system that can accommodate up to 120 people, you can expect loud, crisp voices and deep, booming bass. Believe us when we tell you you will be blown away by the efficiency of this device.

The sound’2’light disco lights simply bolt onto the T bars offered, plug them in, and you’re ready to go! That’s what there is to it! 8 Up-lighters encourage you to give any outdoor area a warm and inviting feel by matching the colors to any existing color scheme. Two lasers will add to the party atmosphere while providing stunning graphics for all dancers.

We can add or exclude objects from all of our party kits to meet your needs. Give us a call today to talk about your next event with our team; we’d be delighted to use our 20+ years of experience to help you plan the best event possible.

2 X EV ZLX 12P Active Speakers

2 X EV ZXA1-Sub

4 X Equinox Revolution Lighting Effects

2 X Green Lasers

8 X Chauvet Freedom Par Tri 6 Uplighter

1 X Smoke Machine

3 X Lighting T-Bar Stands

2 X Speaker Stands

Easy To Setup & Operate


Connect to your tablet, iPad, or laptop via Bluetooth in seconds, and since it’s so light and wireless, you can take the party with you everywhere you go. With long battery life, you can listen to music for longer periods without thinking about your speaker dying in the middle of your party.

The lighting is characterized as having a ‘sound to light effect. This essentially ensures that the lights have tiny microphones that pick up sound waves from the soundtrack, causing the lighting patterns to change in sync with the rhythm. A smoke machine will not only intensify the lighting effect but will also play an important role in bringing your lasers to life!

1 X Bose S1 Bluetooth Speaker

2 X Equinox Revolution Lighting Effects

2 X Green Lasers

1 X Smoke Machine

2 X T-Bar Lighting Stand


A good sound system, a range of lighting, eye-catching LED furniture, a haze unit, and all of the required cables are all included. With such a diverse and vast collection of facilities, it’s a foregone conclusion that the event will be remembered fondly by those who attend. If you’d like a member of our team to bring and set up the equipment at your place, please let us know.

2 X d&b Audiotechnik Q7

4 X d&b Audiotechnik Q Sub

White LED Starlit Dance Floor

4 X Poseur Table

6 X LED Cube

4 X LED Benches

4 X Phanton 120 Moving Heads

2 X 1 Meter Truss

2 X 1.5 Meter Truss

4 X Wireless / Magnetic LED Poles

20 X Wireless Up Lighters

1 X Haze Machine

We also came up with packages that cater to specific events such as the 18th/21st Sound & Light package, Movie/ cinema night package, conference package, kids birthday party package, and Christmas party package. These packages are created with a complete set of sound and light equipment according to the specific requirements of each of the events. Check out each of these packages and see their inclusions by looking at our party packages.

If you are based in Surrey or Hampshire and is looking for an event production company that stores a full-range of event equipment and offers party packages at competitive rates, contact Sound & Light Hire Surrey now.

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