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Video wall technology has had a significant influence on how information is communicated in a variety of event contexts since it was first introduced in the events industry decades ago. A wide range of video wall applications are now being used in a number of events, including conventions, trade shows, educational programmes and more. Here, we explain the impact of having an LED wall in any of your business event and how to make the most out of your LED wall rental. See HERE for some amazing deals on LED screen hire in Surrey

For any companies, creating and running a corporate event can be tough and hectic. It requires thorough planning and proper execution to leave a lasting impression on your attendees and make sure your company gets greater return of investment.

So, if you are in the process of structuring any corporate event- from sizeable conferences, gala nights, down to product launches and everything in between, using an LED wall as a visual tool is a must. Your attendees or guests are often more engaged by digital displays than by a conventional signage, but the video wall amplifies that advantage significantly. It’s challenging to keep your audience from tuning out and missing the important messages and details but you may avoid such through the aid of LED walls. It combines several displays to create a virtually seamless view that can be as wide or small as you choose.

Sound & Light Hire Surrey provides you with answers from common technical questions related to LED Walls.

Get the perfect LED WALL specs and dimension according to your event venue

It’s important to grasp the room size you’ll be filling before even considering installing an LED wall. Remember the key features of the venue– if you’re setting up for a trade show and just have a small table, a huge video wall might be too much for your attendees to take in. Also get at least a rough estimate of the people attending your event. The larger the crowd, the bigger the LED walls you will have to install in your venue to provide an immersive visual experience to your attendees.

LED walls are available in almost any sizes. Thanks to the growing popularity of modular display systems (building one large screen out of many small panels). You may rent a decent LED Wall with a measurement of 7’ x 12’ screen for a small team convention to as big as an 18’ x 25’ size for a nationwide conference event.When deciding the height, brightness, pixel pitch, resolution, and power specifications of the video wall you’ll rent, these considerations should come into play.

In Sound & Light Hire Surrey, we offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED screens for all types of corporate events such as conferences, exhibitions, product launches and even live streaming events. Our event equipment hire, including LED Walls, PA system and stage hire can be rented both long-term and short-term arrangements.Furthermore, we have also arranged some party packages for our clients to avail based on their event needs and specifications.

Understanding some basic knowledge on LED Walls

For you to get a better understanding on how a LED wall works and their main purpose, below are some basic knowledge we believe our customers need to know:

  • LED Screens use much less energy than displays powered by incandescent lamps, resulting in higher performance and a longer lifetime.
  • From a short distance, indoor LED displays have large viewing angles, no color changes, and have a smooth visual aspect. Indoor brightness requirement: 1,000 – 1,500 nits (nit is the unit of measurement for LED brightness)
  • On the other hand, Outdoor LED walls are rainproof, have brighter resolution, and are designed for long distance viewing. Outdoor brightness requirement: 2,000 – 3,000 nits (nit is the unit of measurement for LED brightness)
  • The actual difference between the centers of one pixel and the next, measured in millimeters, is known as pixel pitch. The higher the number, the less pixels and hence the lower the resolution. For optimum resolution, you’ll need to decide the correct pixel pitch based on viewing distance. 3.28 feet per 1mm of resolution is a standard guideline.

Pay attention to your Screen Content

To be able to fully maximize your LED Wall rental, you must first go through careful planning on the content you will be presenting to your audience. Make sure you create a unified theme of your materials and short and concise text for your audience that are easy to digest.

Also, be mindful of the resolution of the digital content (such as videos, images and text) that will be shown on your LED walls. Convert them to size formats suitable for large screens. In the end, the success of your event is determined by the quality of your input source. Quality content and the right LED wall size and specification would help you get the most out of your investment.

You can have stunning lighting system, top-of-the-line sound equipment, but if you do not invest in a premium LED wall rental, your attendees can tune out on your event and miss having the opportunity to get your message across. It will help you get better audience engagement through the help of a LED wall technology. It’s been an event essential as visual tool at all kinds of events- movie nights, weddings, gala nights, music festivals and seminars.

At Sound & Light Hire Surrey, we provide top quality LED walls to our clients across Surrey, Guildford, Berkshire and other neighbouring areas, and provide them with the knowledge in using this essential technology for any occasion. Our in-house LED walls are guaranteed tried and tested and are handled by professional technicians in the industry.

We also provide other event equipment you may need from sound and lighting systems, LED furniture and dance floors and even special effects machines. For a full list of our available services and packages, browse through our website or you may call us today!

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