Hosting a Corporate Function with Style

Hire Lighting For Corporate events

Our team knew that the evening was going to start off with speeches by the heads of the company, and so we made sure that they could be heard through the large hall with the use of a high-quality RCF HDL system flown from the installed truss above.

The RCF HDL PA System

We chose this particular system because of its crystal clear sound capabilities and the fact that it is one of the most reliable options on the market at the moment, and we were right to rely on it, because it performed in precisely the manner that we intended it to. We installed 12 X RCF HDL20-A and 4 X RCF 8006AS Subs controlled via a XTA448 for delay and extra control.

Adding Some Fun to the Evening’s Agenda

Once the speeches and other formalities came to an end, the guests were then invited to partake in the banquet, and later the dancing began. In order to cater to the DJ, a complete Pioneer CDJ2000 and DJM900 setup were installed to ensure that he had exactly what he wanted so he could get everyone caught up in the rhythm of the music.

In terms of the lighting for the big event, LED uplighters, LED par cans, LED pixel bars and UV were used to ensure that the event didn’t turn into a “disco” rather, it simply entertained those on the dance floor, as well as those that were watching from their seats.

Returning to Ravens Manor, Surrey

The entire evening was such a great success that Sound & Light Hire Surrey team has been asked back to supply the sound and lighting for next year’s corporate function, which will be taking place at the same stunning venue. Our team enjoyed the event thoroughly, and we are looking forward to turning it into an even bigger and more exciting function next year. Since we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting equipment options, we can only guess what type of sound and lighting options we will have available then.

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