Hiring The Perfect DJ Equipment For Your 21st Birthday Bash!


Sound & Light Hire Surrey can provide you with all the Dj equipment need for your summer party

There are many elements for your 21st birthday that you need to look out for in order to make it the most memorable day of the year and one that you most certainly dreamed about. Most if not all of us are looking for a fun and engaging reception. This entails having a marvelous setup that follows your chosen theme, great food, and what better way to complete a party vibe than a DJ booth!

For someone who is turning 21, the best way to ensure that your friends who will be attending your party will also have a time of their life and keep an upbeat vibe all throughout, is to have great music to dance with and enjoy the company. Now, if your birthday is just right around the corner and you are on the hunt for a DJ to hire, we have put together some helpful tips for you to keep in mind to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for!


Before you start searching for a DJ to hire, the first thing you have to do is for you to decide what kind of genre you would want to be played in your venue. You may also consider matching this to your theme and required outfit of your guests. Maybe you are thinking of a 90’s night or maybe a Heroes and Villain costume party. Anything goes!

By deciding on your theme first, this will give you an idea on what type of music you would want to be played at your party and will guide you for when you will be looking for a DJ that can cater to your music taste. You may choose from upbeat, POP music that will get your guests grooving and dancing on the dance floor or you may also opt for some classic playlist for a dreamy, more relaxed ambiance. Deciding on your genre can help you narrow down your search for a DJ hire.

Sound & Light Hire Surrey is a complete- service events production company catering across Surrey, Guildford and Berkshire. Our party packages are across-the-board that could accommodate to every client’s event needs. We are offering a full-package deal sound and light hire particularly for either an 18th or 21st birthday celebration. This package takes off all your stress in making sure everything’s done and dusted for the night because the equipment is simply a plug and play and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to keep it running while making sure the quality is still professionally done. To name a few of our features, we have including moving head units that will synchronize to any music beat (i.e., move, change colour, strobe). All for a very competitive price. See a full list of Sound & Light Hire event services and prices here https://www.soundandlighthiresurrey.co.uk/party-packages/


Deciding who to hire as your DJ can make or break your entire birthday bash. You want to be sure you are having someone who has positive reviews from his /her previous clients so make sure to ask for plenty of recent customer references. Choose someone who is well-rounded and someone is mindful of time. This will keep you away from possible problems on the day of your party. Although it can be tempting to hire someone cheaper you may also risk having a poor quality DJ on the night of your event. Keep in mind, the DJ will basically be responsible for entertaining the crowd for at least four hours. By hiring someone who is professional, you ca be sure that they are entertaining, reliable and can follow through any given instructions. They can also rectify any hurdle or bumps during the event correctly and efficiently compared to a DJ who is less experienced.


Once you have decided who to hire as a DJ, the next step would be to include them in the planning process. Do not just settle with the fact that they already know your preferred genre and that they are reliable professionals. Getting them in sync with your vision for your party is a big part to the overall success of the event. You may provide specific instructions, give them with a list of all the songs you absolutely want and do not want to be played and know what to expect from them during the party. Moreover, you may also request to listen to a sample to be sure they are offering exactly what you are looking for.

Another important question to ask your DJ is the equipment they can provide for you. There are DJs who can only provide some basic lighting setup. Consider the quality of PA system as they will have as cheap equipment can produce awful and harsh sound when pushed to a certain volume. So if you want to go an extra mile, Sound & Light Hire Surrey has unbeatable DJ Equipment hire package that is perfect to add life to your 21st birthday party celebration. We have in-stock DJ equipment mixers, all types of speakers (active midtop speakers and active sub bass speakers) and amplifiers needed to give you and your guests an incredible time dancing and enjoying the night.

What is more, you can add some disco lighting, LED lights, some special effects machines and ultimately a starlit dance floor to give you a fun and wild night to remember for years!

All these and more are available for hire at Sound & Light Hire Surrey. Our wide range of event equipment inventory are top-notched and were being used at numerous events of all kinds in Surrey, Guildford and Berkshire. The packages we offer are suited at birthdays, weddings, gala nights and conferences. Name it!

Looking for the best DJ to host your 21st birthday party can be stressful and risky. This will require you time, money and effort to only end up with the perfect choice. Remember to know your music preference, do ample research of DJ for hire within your area and get them involved in the planning process.

If you are looking for a one-stop event production company that can help you transform your birthday ideas into reality, Contact Sound & Light Hire Surrey and will help you get your party started!

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