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A wedding is significant not only for the bride and groom but also for any guest who is present during the event.

There might be a lot to consider when planning your Big Day in terms of what you’ll need hire. Don’t forget to think about what a dance floor hire might add to your wedding reception after you’ve covered tableware, decorations, sound and lighting.

At a wedding reception, dance floors can be breathtaking. It can look pretty beautiful and can improve the look of most weddings if you choose one you want and that fits your venue reception and wedding theme.

A wedding dance floor will give your wedding party a sense of occasion while also adding some serious charm and panache. Permanent dance floors are installed in some of the world’s finest and most popular venues, adding to their overall elegance and ambiance. Some of the weddings we’ve had in the past that didn’t have a dance floor felt a little empty and uninviting.

When you add this element in a room, it can provide a fun environment for you and your guests to get their feet tapping and stomping to live music. It’s normally preferable to have a dedicated dance area rather than nothing at all.

Getting a big, gleaming dance floor can be extremely beneficial to your live wedding band or wedding DJ!

They can look amazing dancing next to a dance floor and, most importantly, it’s an invitation that the dance floor is open, having everybody strutting their stuff and keeping the party going all night! It will be difficult for a wedding band or DJ to inspire the guests to dance if there is no dance floor.

A dance floor is a fine accessory if you’re planning a first dance. It will look great in photographs and make your guests congregate or dance around you, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful first dance moment. Over the years, we’ve found that dance floors are one of the most important elements in a wedding venue as many memorable moments of your wedding day take place on the dance floor.

At Sound & Light Hire Surrey, we have our in-stock starlit LED dance floors, and we will provide you with a comprehensive party package that includes everything you need- including your dance floor, venue lighting, speaker system. In addition, we offer a variety of event furniture, such as, LED cubes, LED mobile bar, and LED poseur tables.

We are more than excited to offer you our package deals of the LED starlit dance floor at a reasonable rate! They come in various sizes ranging from 10ft x 10ft to a maximum of 22ft x 22ft and with color options between white and black with a gloss finish. Whether you are hosting an intimate or a grand wedding event, our LED starlit dance floors are fully customisable that will match your theme, colour, or venue. And take note, our LED starlit dance floor will also be assembled by only one of our engineers and it’s fast, easy, and hassle-free!

Aside from the LED Starlit dance floor, Sound & Light Hire Surrey also has LED furniture that will match the overall theme perfectly.

This comes in a variety of colors and can be programmed to catch, or slowly rotate in a vibrant color scheme. Our LED furniture is fully wireless, powered by rechargeable batteries, and can be controlled from a distance. Having these included in your setup, your event organizer team can position the furniture creatively in a layout using different colour schemes that will add a unique touch of aesthetics to the venue.

And to take your wedding setup to the next level, we also bring you our video wall and 3mm outdoor LED screens that have become a staple to almost all types of functions. We all need those massive screens to give our guests or attendees a more immersive experience in many ways. We can play any digital materials we want to showcase to them, or it can serve as a backdrop of your setup playing any digital art that will fit your wedding theme.

Our LED furniture set comes in different packages that will definitely suit according to your needs. We have in-stock round and square poseur tables, all types of chairs from bubble chairs, curved benches, and sofas. Part of our LED inventory comes in a separate package that also includes a Round LED mobile hire that could last for up to 8 hours. Given the precautionary measures we take especially during this time of the pandemic, we guarantee all properties owned by Sound & Light Hire are properly sanitised and checked to ensure quality control of each of these items.

We are a leading full-service event production business trusted with the work we put in on every event we cater in Surrey, Guildford, and Berkshire,

With our large range of LED furniture and event equipment hire we don’t only have support and equipment for our clients’ events; we also save them time, money and effort to get everything done by just working with one event production hire.

Remember, your wedding day will be one of the most magical, romantic and special days of your life. So with ample research, proper time management and a reliable event production team, your dream wedding will definitely transform into reality! Call us today and we will help you make it happen. For more detailed information and to get a quote for each of these packages, check out our website now.

Now, that we have shared some of the essential wedding lighting systems that you may want to have at your wedding reception, it will all be up to you how you can mix and match these lighting equipment that will perfectly suit your taste and style without compromising your wedding budget. And if you are unsure, our team is ready to help you out and get you started with your wedding preparation. See a full list of our wedding lighting hire.

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