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Here at the Sound & Light Hire Surrey, we’ve been bringing you our best-in-class sound and light hire options for over two decades now.

Whether it’s a PA system for your DJ set or a full suite of disco lights for your wedding, if you’re putting on a party, rest assured that we can supply you with the top-of-the-range equipment that your event deserves.

But just in case you’re a surrey event planner that has yet to have the pleasure of working with us, we thought we would give you a general rundown of the services we offer. If you don’t feel like reading much further, just know that we can supply everything you need from an event production perspective.

But if you’re still intrigued enough to read on, let’s tell you a little bit more about each service we offer to our happy customers, starting with sound equipment hire.

Surrey PA Speaker Hire for Parties and Wedding Celebrations

We consider sound equipment hire to be our bread and butter when it comes to our event hire services. We’ve been renting out sound equipment to budding DJs, wedding receptions, 21st birthday celebrations, and local community events in Surrey for over two decades!

We mean it when we say that we have solutions that work for all kinds of events. Whether you need industry-leading DJ equipment for your mini-festival-style garden party, or you need to hire in live sound equipment for a local band you booked for a birthday party, there’s nothing we can’t provide to ensure the sound is spot on.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what’s what when it comes to PA systems. It can be confusing if you don’t know anything about the specifications. But fear not! Our dedicated sound team can take you everything and clarify any burning questions you might have.

Whether you’re looking to hire a small iPod-style PA system to create a bit of buzz at your social gathering, or you’re throwing yourself headlong into stage monitors, mixing desks, and amplifiers, our guys are a friendly bunch who strongly believe that there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Moving on to the equipment itself, we feel that this is where we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the pack. We only hire out the best in the business. If it’s not a leading audio brand such as Shure or d&b audiotechnik, we don’t stock it. What’s more, because this anything but cheap equipment we take excellent care of our stock, from the lowly connecting cables right up to the most expensive active PA speaker.

We regularly service all of our equipment, check each item when returned and before going out on hire again, and rotate stock as soon as it reaches more than three years of age. No one else in Surrey goes to this level of care (we’ve checked!), and it’s why we’ve gone more than two decades without a significant equipment failure.

Finally, if your considering PA hire for your Surrey event, and you think the setup you need is a little beyond the scope of your knowledge, we can help out on the day too! We’ve got some of the South East’s best sound engineers on the payroll, and they can run all aspects of your sound equipment for your event, including up to on-site mixing and production.

Disco Lighting and Event Lighting Hire Surrey

So you’ve chosen one of the best PA systems available for your occasion. What next? The lighting hire, of course! We bet you can’t remember the last time you attended an event with music blasting out of speakers that didn’t also have a substantial selection of accompanying lights.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an 18th birthday party or a small, local festival in a field. If you want your guests to dance, you’re going to need to hire some disco lights! Once again, we’ve invested in the best names in the lighting industry. From Chauvet to Showtec, if they’re not well-respected in the events world, we don’t use them!

So what can we offer you? Well, as it turns out quite a lot!

We have an extensive range of disco lights, which include LED moving head washes, LED Tourcans, and Equinox disco lights that change their colours and pattern in time with the beat of the music. If that’s somehow not enough for your event, how does adding lasers and strobe lights sound?

Don’t forget we aren’t limited to disco lights. We have a range of inspirational lighting options that can totally transform the vibe of your venue. Better yet, we supply battery-powered wireless LED uplighters, so you can convert any outdoor location to match your party theme!

Most of our event lighting solutions, disco or otherwise, are LED-based, eliminating heat-related performance issues with older lighting tech. What’s more, they take much less power to operate too, making them kinder to the environment.

Not sure what you need? You can always book an appointment with our lighting technicians so that they can take you through everything and make informed lighting hire choices for your Surrey party.

Dance Floor Hire Surrey

What good is creating the perfect DJ booth set up or setting up a great stage production for your headline live band if there’s nowhere for your guests to dance?! That’s right you simply HAVE to hire a dance floor to encourage those in attendance to get up and move their feet to the beat!

Of course, that’s something we can help with too. But the dance floors we supply to our customers aren’t just any old surface. No, these are extra special. They are show-stopping LED starlit dancefloors.

There’s a reason they are the number one choice for milestone celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. The blend opulence with class and always made an appearance at extravagant affairs such as traditional Asian weddings.

In terms of the LED dance floors themselves, we have a range of sizes available, starting at 10ft x 10ft and going all the way up to 22ft x 22ft. We stock two colours, black and white. If you’ve got a taste for our dance floors, you might also like our complementary LED-lit furniture too.

At Sound & Light Hire Surrey, we differentiate ourselves by owning and operating our own dance floors. Most hire companies actually sub-contract dance floors from other companies, leaving you to foot the bill with two profit margins. Well, that’s not us. You can guarantee that the starlit dance floor you receive is from us.

Better yet, we take the same level of care over our dance floors as we do for all of our other equipment. Our dance floors are cleaned before delivery to your event, once more when installing at your event, and then a final time upon arrival back at our warehouse in Surrey. How’s that for customer service?

Special FX Hire Surrey

Sometimes your party set up might be missing a little je ne sais quoi. Just that little extra something that makes the whole party “pop.” Enter special effects. They help to not only add a touch of sparkle or cool effects to your event, but they also make your event look incredibly professional, and they cost very little to add to your Surrey event equipment hire lineup.

When it comes to special effects machines, we’ve got something for everyone. For example, you could hire a smoke machine to make the lasers accompanying your DJ set really stand out and captivate your audience. Or what about hiring confetti cannons to celebrate the first dance as husband and wife at your wedding reception? Yep, we can sort that for you too!

While special effects such as bubble machines, smoke machines, UV lights, and snow machines may be small, they can make a significant impact for a minimal added cost. In fact, all of those items are less than £50 to hire from us. Not too shabby, we’ll think you’ll agree!

Stage Hire Surrey

You thought we’d finished going through our services didn’t you, well guess again! Last but by no means least is stage hire. We know that many parties don’t need to go to the expense of hiring a stage. But for those that do, you need to make sure you have a supplier you can trust.

But choosing the right staging company isn’t a choice you should take lightly. Choose wisely, and your event will be remembered for all the right reasons, get it wrong, and it could leave a bad taste after all of that anticipation. Fortunately for you, we’ve got an excellent track record stretching back more than two decades, giving you total peace of mind.

Whether you’re hosting a small music festival, or you’re throwing an outdoor birthday party to remember, you can rely on us to provide a range of outdoor stage hire options for the occasion.

Our outdoor stage hire packages are perfect for all manner of events, such as outdoor music festivals, small community concerts, or charity fundraisers.

In terms of our selection of stages, we’ve got two packages revolving around our 6m x 4m outdoor covered stage. They include all of the lighting and sound equipment required of a smaller outdoor event of fewer than 1,000 attendees.

By contrast, if you want to go all guns blazing, we also have an 11m x 9m outdoor festival stage you can hire. This package is all-inclusive. What do we mean by that? It means we supply everything, including the stage structure, stage crew, dozens of lighting fixtures, all the sound equipment you could ever need, and a full technical team on-site to run everything for you.

Why Choose Sound & Light Hire Surrey for Your Surrey Event Equipment Hire?

Over the last several years, we have worked hard to establish our reputation as Surrey’s number one sound and lighting hire company. We operate under a mantra of our reputation being more important than anything else. And, not to brag, it’s a philosophy that’s worked wonders. By doing whatever it takes to make a customer’s event a success, we’ve developed some of the most loyal patrons any company could ever wish for.

We are a seven-days-a-week operation, giving our customers unrivalled support and our straightforward hire packages enable you to understand precisely what you’re getting for your money.

If you fancy mixing and matching our Surrey equipment hire services together, just take a look at our party packages page for a range of fantastic deals on equipment bundles. Still need something a bit more unique? Just give us a call on the number above to discuss your requirements, and we’ll have a quote back to you within 24 hours. Yes, that’s how fast we are!

As we’ve explained already, there isn’t anything we can’t provide in terms of technical equipment hire for your wedding, party, celebration, or festival.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 07514 077087 or shoot us an email to get the ball rolling! or find us on Google at Sound & Light Hire Surrey

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