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Disco Lighting, Party Uplighters to Dance Floors for Your Wedding We Offer It All At Sound & Light Hire Surrey

Delivering a successful event requires much deliberation, from choosing the most specific equipment needed, to deciding the best hiring company. Companies usually offer only specific hires. Some may offer lighting hires alone, some may only be equipped with sound system hires, and some may have both but still lacks on some other aspects so client gets disappointed looking for hires and end up getting only the bare minimum.

A company supplying premium and complete package of lighting, audio, and visual production hires actually exists and it is just across Surrey. Renting or hiring party or any event equipment is made easy with Sound & Light Hire Surrey. One company, but has it and does it all. Surrey pays attention to details so much that they already have knowledge to what you are lacking in perfecting your day, or night’s event. The company pays attention to the bigger picture, perfecting their craft in matching the type of lighting with the stage design you’re getting and the best sound systems most suitable for the setting.

Surrey does it all, and they do it outstandingly. They might even have all the answers to your hire queries! Here are some more incredible deals Surrey has yet to offer:


Establishing your party plan is easy, finding an organizer is another thing, but selecting your event hiring company might be a little rough if you want an all-in-one package. Sound & Light Hire Surrey specializes in party equipment hire inclusive of pretty much all that you would need for your party including every type of disco light, PA sound systems, DJ equipment and special effects.

These party equipment hire packages come in different variety for you to choose from according to whatever size and theme you came up with for your event. Mentioned down below are the different party hires Surrey offers:

Sound and Light Hire Surrey’s party packages as expected, stretches out to a very wide array of various inclusions that is flexible enough to cater your party plans and suggestions. With its versatility, it will even help you out in getting organized and in choosing effortlessly.


Adding some more color to your party should sound a lot of fun and entertaining. After setting up the equipment and making sure they go well as planned, you may seem to notice some elements missing to bring more emphasis on the vibe you are aiming for. This is when you should be inserting your very own special effects to brighten and lighten up the mood or set it to a more dramatic tone for the event, may it be for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, club installs and etc. Special FX Hire is another production package Surrey basically offers.

Some special effects include unique lighting hire types. These lighting hires include:

  • UV Lighting Hires (Small-Medium)
  • Laser Hire (Small –Medium)
  • Strobe Light Hire

The small UV disco lighting package comes with 2 high power LEDJV UV panel, a full set of Powerdrive lighting stands and every power cables needed requiring only a 5-minute set up. The medium ones comes along with 4 high power UB lighting panels, 2 lighting stands and covers up to 120 people. Laser packages provide the perfect club-like feel. Strobe Light Hire is a basic plug and play lighting fixture that provides the perfect nightclub experience.

Special Visual Effects are in store for you and these are:

  • Flame Machine Hire (Small-Medium)
  • Smoke Machine Hire
  • Vertical Smoke Machine Hire
  • Bubble Machine Hire
  • Snow Machine Hire
  • Projector Hire 1 & 2

These are the kinds of special fx Surrey offers. A type wherein it gives more flavor and feel of the event. Flame machines are great addition to special-themed events requiring a fierier and warmer mood.

Surrey’s smoke machines are environmentally friendly, child safe and uses a water-based fluid. This machine should be operated manually and, not to worry, it lasts all night so won’t have to worry if it gives up mid-way. Bubble and snow hires are also made available for lighter and brighter themes.


If you thought Sound & Light Hire Surrey is limited to only hiring equipment for audio and light and minimal visual hires, you will be surprised to find out about their furniture and dance floor hire. Yes, even furniture. They exactly already figured out the last piece that you might need for finalization of your celebration and even have them in store for you already.

At Surrey, a range of white starlit LED dance floors is in stock for you together with venue lightings and speaker systems. To compliment your dance floor and lighting, a wide selection of event furniture that includes stools in different styles and sizes, round LED bars, chairs, tables, globes and LED poseur tables are prepared upon request.

Some furniture fixtures you can choose from and are available for hire are found below:

Sound and Light Hire Surrey has long been operating for business that is why their knowledge and practice for event production gives clients the best assurance and confidence in all that they offer and do. Again, Sound and Light Hire Surrey will never disappoint the outcome of your celebration. They go from the bigger scale to the tiniest details. Sound & Light Hire Surrey really has got them all and does it all. If you think your event is lacking and need help in improving your situation, give us a call and we’ll be ready to serve you premium hires anytime, anywhere!

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