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A party isn’t a party without the right sound and lighting equipment to compliment the festivities of the event, and when you are looking for high quality kit that will really impress your guests, you need to turn to the team that has been known for providing the best service in the areas of Guildford, Surrey and London. Our experienced team knows what it takes to turn any event into a smashing success, and we are standing by, ready to turn your ideas into a reality. We have what it takes to ensure that every event is memorable...... you simply need to turn to us when you make the decision to begin searching for affordable, high quality lighting equipment hire.

Lighting Equipment Hire For Every Event

When you are in the process of picking from the wide range of lighting equipment that we have to offer, keep your special event in mind so that you can pick out the items that will suit the occasion best. If you don’t know what types of equipment will be right for you, our experienced team of lighting experts will be able to assist you in determining which products or packages will suit your needs best, no matter whether you require a wall wash for the exterior of a wedding venue or synchronized lasers for the dance floor of a disco. The Sound & Light Hire Surrey professionals have been in this field for long enough to be able to fulfill the needs of clients who are putting together events of every description and size, and we are always looking for the next challenge that will allow us the chance to put our skills and knowledge to good use.

Quick Setup, Easy To Use Hire Equipment

When it comes to setting up your lighting, whether it is the LED pixel bar show, DMX moving head fixtures or LED up lighting hire our team of experts will be able to come out to your venue and ensure that everything is set up and ready for your special occasion. Once your equipment has been set up, we will show you how to work with the devices, and even though we try our best to ensure that our clients find it easy to use their lighting products, we will remain on standby just in case you have a problem with the equipment. In the end, we will go out of our way to make sure that you experience minimal difficulties on your big night; in fact, we are known for the quality of the equipment that we stock just as much as our high quality service.

Affordable Hire Prices

We know how quickly the costs of a party can add up, especially when you are trying to plan an event such as a wedding, and because of this, we have gone out of our way to ensure that our prices are as affordable as possible. Our clients never have to worry about the quality of our lighting equipment, since we make this one of our top priorities, but this doesn’t mean our clients have to pay an arm and a leg for the privilege of our services. We also have a wide range of packages that will suit events of just about every size and budget. When you begin planning your next big event, simply contact us and inform us of what type of party, disco or wedding you are looking to plan, and we will take you through all of the packages that we think might just suit your needs best.

Picking From Our Many New Hire Products

Any lighting company worth its salt should be able to offer its customers a lighting product that will suit the event that they are in the process of planning, whether it is for a national rock concert or an elegant tea party, and this is something that we have kept in mind throughout the years; something that has allowed us the chance to continue adding to our product line.

Sound & Light Hire Surrey is always looking for new and improved lighting equipment options as they enter into the market, and this is why we have the latest technology available to our customers; whether you are searching for LED furniture or synchronized lasers, we stock everything you need for a truly memorable event. Our packages have been put together with size in mind so that our clients can pick from the ones that will suit the magnitude of their event best; tailor made packages are also available to those who have special requirements for their big day, or simply want to ensure that every aspect of their lighting needs has been taken care of. Due to the wide variety of products that we have available, we can cater to clients who are planning events around just about every theme or special event.

Delivery And Pickup

Two of the most challenging facets of hiring lighting equipment is picking the items up and dropping them off; when you turn to our team for assistance, we can help you with regards to both of these challenges. Clients who are simply too busy getting ready for their special occasion can simply pick out the lighting equipment of their choice and wait for our team to arrive and set everything up; once the event has come to an end, we will then pick everything up again. Nothing could be easier when you turn to our team of lighting specialists; this is why we remain the top sound and lighting company in Surrey, Guildford and London.

Planning An Event You’ll Never Forget

The next time you find yourself putting together an event that you want to remember for many years to come, be sure to turn to the lighting company that has put so many others to shame. We have worked hard over the years to build the esteemed reputation that we now have, and we will ensure that we do everything in our power to continue providing our clients with the very best service that this industry has to offer.

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