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Four Practical Tips to Help You with Your Sound Equipment Installation

If you are planning an event that requires you to broadcast speech and music, your PA system will need to be reinforced with additional capability. Sound & Light Hire Surrey has been providing professional sound equipment installation, and hiring, services for more than 15 years throughout London and has a packaged solution for your needs. Here are some insider tips on how to set your sound system up for optimal clarity and carry.

Tip 1 Playing music requires a more complex system to cover more audio frequencies than if you were only transmitting speech, so your system should be able to cope well with high and low sound frequencies, as well as sounds in the middle range of the audio spectrum.

Tip 2 If you are reproducing sound at your event, you will also need more wattage from your system. Because of the broader spectrum of frequencies, the power requirements may go up by more than double.

Tip 3 Remember also that the complex sounds offered by stereo just sound better than mono, which works best for speech only. The other golden rule is that more speakers will give you better sound. Systems that are made up of individually tuned speakers will give you better clarity of sound, on a broader range of frequencies.

Tip 4 For events that need to be more upmarket or prestigious, a more discreet approach may be required, with regards to sound. You can hire podiums that have built in speakers, and which are visually pleasing while delivering all of your technical sound requirements for the event.

These are usually freestanding, so you do not have to worry about unsightly wires affecting your décor. The other advantage to working with freestanding podiums with built in PA systems is that they are portable, compact and easy to install if you are moving to different locations or venues.

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