Wedding Dance Floor Lighting

Wedding Dance Floor Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one of the most underrated aspects of any wedding reception. Not only does it create the mood and feel you want to remember your special day by, it can make the difference between having average photos and amazing photos. Your wedding dance floor lighting is one area that you can have a lot of fun in, and using creative lighting will give your guests a reason to stay on their feet.

When choosing the disco lighting for your wedding, consider whether you want something soft and muted or fashionable and fun. One of the trends right now is wedding dance floor illumination, because it gives the floor a club-like feel as it changes colours. You can pre select certain colours or allow for a wide range of shades to be used if you want something busier. Using plain white on the dance floor can make it look very elegant. If you enjoy the colourful look, you can also replicate it in other areas of your wedding venue. You can have the same effect on bar counter and tables if you like or illuminate the bathroom.

If you are going for a disco-effect, you can make use of strobes and patterned lights to jazz the floor up even more. For those who enjoy a bit of fun, hire a projector for background graphics (like a moving photo album of your relationship). For newly-weds who want a DJ, we can provide you with a number of options for mixers, laptops and controllers that match the vibe your lights have created.

Sound and Light Hire Surrey is a national specialist in wedding dance floor lighting and will be able to assess your venue and provide you with different options to achieve your vision, meet your budget and ensure your photos come out in the most favourable way.

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