Celebrating an Early Halloween


Once the stage area was ready, we then began setting up the front of house RCF HDL sound system with four ways D&B MAX15 stage monitors and we were almost ready to go. To finish off the setup, we mic’ed the complete stage with Shure beta series microphones to ensure that the sound was crystal clear along with 4 ways of Shure ULX radio

In terms of lighting, we made sure that the guests would not be able to take their eyes off the band by installing 24 X LED pixel bars behind the stage. When the time came for the party to begin, these lights were turned on and they bathed the performers and the stage in light. These LED pixel bars are very popular lighting hire options at the moment, and they can be personalized to suit any occasion or event, whether it is a rock performance or a wedding ceremony.

The Performance becomes a Raving Success

All-in-all, the event was a great success. Our team remained behind to ensure that the live performers were able to make the most of the equipment installed.... Sound & Light Hire Surrey look forward to next year's exciting event where we can put our knowledge of sound and lighting to good use.

Catering to Clients in the Areas of Guilford, Surrey and London

Our team caters to all areas within Guildford, Surrey and London, and this means that our clients simply need to inform us of the type of event they would like to put together and we will take care of the rest. We will not only deliver the items to the venue and ensure everything is set up on time, when the festivities are over, we will return and pack up the goods, leaving you to worry about enjoying yourself and ensuring that your event is one that you will remember for many years to come.

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