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Star Performances on the HMS Belfast

When our team was called in to supply the radio mics, as well as a high quality sound system to support a few famous names in the music industry as they wowed a corporate crowd with special performances, we made sure that everyone from the fans to the musicians were happy with the equipment that we supplied. Our team takes pride in the equipment that we have to offer our clients, as well as the specialized service that we have to provide for each and every event that we are called in to take care of. When it came to a corporate function on the HMS Belfest, we made sure that we took care of our part of the bargain.

Bringing Out the “Big Guns”

Our team immediately turned to the RCF HDL20 | 8006AS PA system due to its high clarity sound and reliability during a performance, and it didn’t let us or the performers down during the big event. As star after star got on stage and began to perform, the sound system that we had installed ensured that everyone in the crowd could enjoy the dazzling performances. D&B MAX15 stage monitors were also added to the mix to ensure that the performers could hear on stage, as well as four Shure ULX Beta SM58 radio mics to make sure that every performer had the equipment on hand to ensure that they could be heard clearly.

Our Team Blushing with Pride

Once the performance was done and the crowd gave the performers a standing ovation, our team was just as proud to be a part of the success of the event. The performers mentioned that our team did a great job in terms of picking out the equipment for the big night, and the organizers have asked us to return in about six months to cater to yet another big corporate event. We cannot wait to show off our talents yet again and impress the crowd once more with our choices of equipment and the professional manner with which we handle every job.

Personalizing Your Equipment Hire Needs

When it comes to organizing a special event, the appropriate equipment for the job can do wonders for its success, and no one understands this better than our team of sound and lighting professionals. Since we pride ourselves on our flexibility, we can cater to a corporate function just as easily as we can serve the needs of a team organizing a national festival. Clients who are looking to begin putting together their own special event should contact our team of experts who are passionate about sound and lighting hire.... This is what makes all of the difference when it comes to ensuring that you have what you need for your next big event in Surrey, Guildford or London. If you think that all of this is too good to be true, you might be right, and that is precisely what our clients deserve when they turn to us to plan their next special event.

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